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Business Opportunity Meeting

Tonights BOM in Coventry was as fantastic as ever, quite a few new faces which is always nice to see.

Jenny had an excellent display of Christmas products as well as Cabouchon Jewellery.

The special guests for tonight were Archie and Faye, this couple only started in the business in August 2008, and are already Gold Distributors (approximately £9,000 group turnover in 4 weeks) with a personal retail of over £3,000, they have qualified for the Cyprus Conference along with their sponsor Marie and Jeremy, congratulations to them all I’m sure all the qualifiers will have a fantastic time, I look forward to watching the video diaries.



Kleeneze on TV

New TV Ad starting September 21st 2009

Jean Day and Mark James TV Interview


And so it begins…..

Welcome to Kleeneze magic.  I will be trying to post regularly with the ups and downs of our Kleeneze business.

We started back in June 2008 and have gradually built up our business, the business hasn’t grown as quickly as we would have liked but I put that down to not taking the opportunity seriously (more the fool me).  Recently we have met with many other distributors and come to realise that, to quote Rob Forster,  “Kleeneze works, its people that don’t“.

At present we are currently trying to build a successful team, supporting them as much as they need, and also building up our retail business, with the release of the new Christmas 2009 catalogue, this is a brilliant time for retail.

One of the many things I have learnt since starting this business is the importance of self development,as things progress I will be sharing some of the things I have learnt as well as recommending many of the books and audio’s.

Until next time….